Hi, my name's Nick Brady, I'm a Web-Designer & Musician.
Check out some of my work:

IsaacVail.com Posted May 4th, 4:47am

Hey guys, check out my most recent work.


Goodwill finds Posted Mar 5th, 4:40pm

This will be hanging in my band’s rehearsal space.

My portfolio is up and running Posted Feb 24th, 9:25pm

Check it out


There’s a lot left to do before I start sending this out to people.

Also I’ve been working on social media links and all that jazz, the blog portion has automatically generated tumblr reblog links, facebook share links, twitter status update links, and facebook like buttons.

This kind of automatically generated content is extremely simple for clients to interface with, I’m posting this straight to a tumblr account and the page is doing the rest of the work for me.

This is achieved with simpleXML injecting the blog post information where it needs to be.  Here’s a great tutorial on the subject:


Stay in touch with RSS or Tumblr for more tricks of the trade.